Disney Blank
with Google

A digital experience for Valentine’s day, celebrating the exclusive launch of Disney’s new short film, Blank, on Google Play.

User's were invited to dedicate their favourite frame from the stop-motion movie to someone special in the run-up to Valentines day.

The site would allow you to browse the most beautiful frames from the movie, before signing the back and sending off to your chosen recipient.

As well as sending a digital copy, the first 5000 visitors were able to send a physical copy too.

The project was featured on the Google.com homepage, and Blank became the most downloaded movie on Google Play.

5000 printed cards were created in the first 24 hours, and over 95,000 digital cards were sent out during the campaign. This equated to over 2,000,000 brand engagement minutes, with over 1,500,000 unique visitors.

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