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Made With Code

Only a small percent of young women are getting into coding — Google wanted to help change this. Change is Made With Code aims to inspire girls about the impact an ability to code can have, and what changes they could make in the world with it.

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Change is Made With Code called on young women around the world to express themselves with a coded piece of generative artwork, making a statement about the kind of world they'd want to live in. From saving the environment to standing up for equality, every coded message taught someone how to make their voice heard online a little louder.

Worshops featuring inflencial speakers and performers were ran across the country taking Blockly, Google's code-learning platform, on tour. Girls would learn how to make their designs and how to get involved in more coding programmes.
I worked as lead creative and designer across the branding, website and the generative art tool's output.

Alongside a team of illustrators, we created each component and icon that populated the coded-art tool, trying to ensure that however it was manipulated that the designs would be consistently beautiful. Millions of people visited the site and hundreds of thousands of designs were coded and shared across the web by girls learning to code.

The grand finale took place at the Global Citizens festival in front of tens of thousands of people, where the project was announced and girl's designs were displayed on the big screen during a special performance from Ellie Goulding.

To read more about the project, YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki talks on Google Blog below:

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