Own The Ice

The largest ever Chromecast game, running on one of the biggest screens out there: Brooklyn's Barclays Center Jumbotron.

The installation was during a 3 month period in Brooklyn's Barclays Center, home of the New York Islanders hockey team. The game ran during downtime between periods, and encouraged users to take out their phone and cast to the big screen to take part.

I worked closely with the super talented combo of Chloe Batchelor on illustration and Diego Ghirardo on animation to create the 90second sequence, allowing participants enough time to get excited and pull out their phones to connect.

On players devices we created a simple controller interface, that let people pick their team based on where they were sat and tap like crazy to race. Participants were rewarded with a voucher code for the Google Store afterwards as a thank you for taking part.

The game ran for 9 New York Islander matches at the stadium, showing to over 125,000 hockey fans over the period.

2,500 atendees played the game over this time, with just under half going back to play twice during the match. At the end of the game, 17% of players went on to visit the product purchase page to get a Chromecast for themselves.

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